Nelson Mandela and Amazon a day to remember, why you ask?

What do Nelson Mandela and Amazon have to teach us?

The world is evolving and changing
Lets take today for example, the legendary
freedom fighter and human rights pioneer
Nelson Mandela passed away today,
yet the hottest trend online is Amazon
nelson mandela IMglobal
Regardless of who or what you believe in,
it’s an interesting thought as to what the
world is focused on.
amazon imglobal

Nelson Mandela was a man who was so passionate about what he believed in…

 that he served Jail timehe revolutionized countries
and he has and will continue influence millions if not
billions around the world, yet the hottest
trend on Google today is “amazon”.
Why do I bring this up and what does
it have to do with your business success
you ask?
Well [[fname]],
it shows where the masses are focused,
and that is the internet, technology
and it is redefining the human race.
Governments and the Elite fear it and
never before has there been an opportunity
for the average person (like YOU) to realize
their full potential, dreams goals and
If you are not in tune with what the
masses are, then your days are numbered.
Here at IMGlobal we are on the cutting edge
of the Technology, Tools and Trainig you need
not only to succeed, but survive in the
21st century and to influence and empower.

Today the world mourns an incredible individual, but realises that we are in a brave new world,

and for those who embrace it, lies a world of
opportunity and a platform to do what is right.

Nelson Mandeal and Amazon founder Jeffrey P. Bezos

We salute you fro being innovators, influencers and an inspiration to
billions around the world. Everyone first told you you were crazy,
that ideas would never work, but your vision, passion and
persistence have changed millions of lives around the world..


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