Having grown up as an only son of a single parent and living most of my younger life in housing commission (the Ghetto) I learnt from a very early age that life is what you make, it and absolutely nothing to do with what your are dealt. 

We all choose our destiny through a myriad of small but monumental choices each and every day.

Anyone with the desire, knowledge and the right mentor can achieve anything they set their mind too. Success is simply a decision to take responsibility for where you are and initiating the actions that will get you where you want to be.

I started my first 4 figure business around the age of 10, selling mangos from my next door neighbors mango tree to the local residents of my neighborhood, ever since then I learned the learned a principle that has helped me become a success in almost everything I do …. ( that and never giving up)

“Help enough people get what they want, and you will get what you want….”

I started my first online Home Business business at age 21 and after a few years of trial and error found my feet and retired from a regular job at 27 years old when I built my first multi-million dollar Home based business.

After more than a decade of travelling the world with my amazing wife, we settled down in Australia to raise our family where my passion for helping others get more out of life lead me to develop the IMGlobal community and marketing system, a Digital Media and marketing platform that to date has helped generate over 1.5 million leads for community members, and also helped generate multiple millions in sales.

It was this Digital Media company that lead me to cross paths with Livio Nespoli and over a 12 month period, and a series of events, I found my calling. Some call it fate, some Destiny, some just pure luck.

With the help of Marie Bartlett Cofounder and Ron Montaruli Cofounder and President Market Masters International was born bringing to market what I believe is the most powerful wealth building tools and income opportunity that the world has ever seen.

You see Wealth is our own responsibility and right now there has never been a better time in History to create wealth for the average person. Right now, even as you read this , the world is experiencing the biggest shift in wealth it has ever seen. What this means for you is an opportunity to have some shift in your direction, and we have the tools, Knowledge and education for you to take full advantage of it.

If you like millions of people around the world still have dreams, still have desire to do great things with your life and are not satisfied with your current situation, then we can help

My Vision is to help 100,000 people around the world;

  1. Live a Healthy Lifestyle
  2. Earn a $100k+ a year income from an Online/Home Business/ Network marketing Businesses..
  3. Have complete time, health and financial freedom and to give back and create abundance around the world


Joel Putland

CEO & Cofounder