Attraction Marketing Blueprint: fans and followers via SMS

Attraction Marketing– Facebook and Twitter Secret Attraction marketing formulas: Text Messaging 

Attraction marketing facebook likes through text messages

Cell phones, mobile phone, hand phones, sms messages, texting, sexting, text messages, we all use them daily.

Did you know they are now becoming the most effective way to market? Emails are old school, and most inboxes are crammed with spam. But for those who embrace Mobile messaging and marketing “the right way” early, the leads, profits, personal branding and attraction marketing strategies are endless.

In this article I will step you through how to leverage the 2 best attraction marketing, personal branding and lead generation sites for your business : Facebook and Twitter, using SMS or as some call it ‘text message’ marketing.  Below is something you want to immediatley add to your Attraction Marketing Formula as it will increase your social media fans, and business profits.

Facebook and Twitter have made it even easier to acquire “likes” and “followers” with a  simple SMS or text message.

And It’s simple:

An important thing to note about attraction marketing with facebook mobile “likes” is: Depending on what country your new fans will be sending from, they would send to a different code then the example I am about to share with you.

Below is a list of codes for different countries. If your country is not on this list, then the text number code is 32665.

  • United Arab Emitrates: 2474
  • Angola: 42665
  • Argentina: 325
  • Austria: 66468132665
  • Azerbaijan: 3223
  • Bangladesh: 3232
  • Bahrain: 94455
  • Czech Republic: 9996209
  • Algeria: 205
  • Germany: 2665
  • Egypt: 3265
  • Fiji: 3223
  • Guyana: 1559
  • Honduras: 3223
  • Ireland: 51325
  • India: 919232232665
  • Iraq: 1430
  • Italy: 3399932665
  • Jordan: 90906
  • Kenya: 8140
  • Republic of Korea: 2665
  • Kazakhstan: 404
  • Lebanon: 1191
  • Lithuania: 1556
  • Morocco: 600
  • Montenegro: 14777
  • Madagascar: 34665
  • Mauritius: 8466
  • Nigeria: 631
  • Nicaragua: 32740
  • New Zealand: 3223
  • Panama: 4444
  • Poland: 2665
  • Paraguay: 325
  • Qatar: 92255
  • Rwanda: 7777
  • Saudi Arabia: 710700
  • Sudan: 32665
  • Sweden: 3900
  • Slovenia: 3265
  • Thailand: 42665
  • Trinidad and Tobago: 42665
  • South Africa: 13999


Attraction marketing Formula #1-Get “Like’s” For Facebook,

have them type in like username  to  32665 (no spaces in username) 

  • Quick heads up here: The username you will enter here is the name you have chosen for your Facebook Unique  URL. If you do not have a shortened, unique URL go to to secure one before this technique can be used. Also note that you cannot secure your fan page URL until you have 25-50 people who have “liked” your page and once you chose a user name, you cannot change it, so choose carefully..

Attraction marketing – Facebook likes via SMS

try it now and get a valuable secret Free Gift …

text “like workwithJoelPutland” to “32665

attraction marketing with facebook

Attraction marketing Formula #2: Get followers For Twitter

Have them type in follow username (no spaces in username) to 40404

and if your not in the USA or Canada check here for the correct country codes Twitter SMS followers codes

  • The username would be the name you have chosen as your Twitter name

Attraction marketing Twitter text message Followers- Try it now…

attraction marketing tips- twitter followers through text message

Simply text “follow Joelputland” to “40404

The secret to adding these tips to your attraction marketing system is simple

1. Have a call to action

2. Tell people exactly what to do (as I have illustrated above).

More attraction marketing tips to integrate into your marketing blueprint…

Signage in Your Store: Have a sign with a picture of how to text this info right next to the cash register, maybe even offer them a small discount on the spot for following you.

At Trade Shows or Events: Same thing, have a sign up that is telling people exactly how to do this. Offer something small in exchange for their following.

At Presentations/Meetings: You can begin every one of your presentations with a slide that shows the power of a real time audience by asking people to text like workwithjoelputland to 32665.  And then do a giveaway to one of the new fans at the end of the presentation.

In Traditional Marketing Media: Try adding the tag line text follow username or like username and the perspective number to any and all of your traditional marketing. Business cards, TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Direct Mail etc…

Email Signature: Add the call to action to your email signature. This way every email provides you with a new fan or follower opportunity

Social Backgrounds: Add a call to action request on your Facebook & Twitter backgrounds to like or follow you

Website or Blog: Have a static area designed just for the call to action to like or follow you on your site

Profile & Bio Areas: The bio/profile area is one of the biggest areas people visit on blogs and in social sites. Add the call to action to your bios everywhere…it sure can’t hurt! a hint, use this method on your  author article  Bios, most sites don’t allow urls, but they will allow “Get a special gift text “like workwithjoelputland” to 32665  😉

If you like this post and would like more valuable attraction marketing tips and social media marketing strategies to hone and perfect your attraction marketing formula, simply do this now

Text like workwithjoelputland to 32665


Text follow joelputland to 40404!

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To Your Success,

Joel Putland

Attraction Marketing Mentor

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