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wall street journal direct sales feature

Direct Sales- The ultimate Business Model

 “Wall Street journal proclaims: The Ultimate Social Business Model –

Why Now is Prime Time for Direct Selling” 

As the world economy evolves, more and more eyes are on the direct sales, MLM, Network marketing, and home business  industry. Not only is it a 100 Billion+ per Year Industry, and do many savvy investors and business moguls like Donald Trump, Robert Kysosaki, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, and many more champion the industry, but now Wall Street is recognising what is becoming the new age of consumer habits and business trends.

Recently the Wall Street Journal published a 40 page spread on what they describe as the ultimate Social business Model.

If you thought that direct sales, network marketing, or MLM businesses were scams or pyramid schemes, think again! In the recent edition of the Wall Street Journal, they dissected the industry with some amazing findings:


  • “The Ultimate Social Business Model – Why Now is Prime Time for Direct Selling”
  • “Solution to a Shrinking Job Market” features an interview with a world-renowned economist on how DS impacts the economy
  • A financial article “Making Dollars and Sense” on why DS companies are a good investment
  • A list of top publicly-held DS companies
  • “A Truly Global Channel” about the industry’s impact internationally
  • An article about energy sellers including interviews of Rob Snyder and Doug Witt at Stream Energy/Ignite
  • “Of the People, By the People” describes how the model provides opportunity for the average person
  • “The Heart of Direct Selling – The Home” a story on party plans
  • DSN Global 100 list of top direct selling companies in the world, with profiles of the Top 25


If you want a free copy of the Wall Street Journal article, then enter your details in the top right hand corner of this blog and I will email you the full color 40 page spread. Its great to take a serious non biast look at what is Direct Sales, Network marketing/MLM, and it is also a great tool to show prospects and ney sayers ( its great watching them eat their own words).


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