Online MLM Myths- Internet Marketing Minus The “Bull Shit” Is a Pure Gold Mine!

Online MLM myths- No bullshit Internet Marketing

 Online MLM Myths

What the Guru’s fail to mention when selling their magical ninja online lead generation systems

Before you buy any hyped up Online MLM Mastermind System read this…

The world is changing rapidly in the Home Based Business Industry…. With so many ridiculous income claims being thrown around online, it’s hard to decipher pure bullcrap from the reality. The reality is; no matter if you’re an Internet marker or a Network Marketer there is money to be made. The same fundamentals of success remain, you need to learn how to market and you need to create leverage for massive income and lifestyle. Fast money is possible but usually not leveraged for a long period of time, so any program offering fast money, remember what goes up fast also comes down faster! I call this reverse velocity! All the superstars in the online community, both in MLM,  Internet Marketing and Online MLM are simply professional marketers who worked long and hard enough initially to make it big.

“No one is born with the Online MLM skills needed they all learnt them as part of their journey to success, and they continually sharpen their skills as success is not a destination but a journey.”

What you need to understand is that the big income claims being made by people online are not always TRANSPARENT, and many do not tell the general public (sometimes suckers) the back end advertising costs that were spent to generate that income, or the years of list building and internet marketing, Online MLM training that it took to create, leading up to a Million Dollar product launch.

Online MLM Myths- How do I know this you may ask? Because I have done both and have earned a truckload of money from both Network marketing and Internet marketing.

They both have pitfalls and profits.Here’s what I found to be the 100% truth in both Industries… The Network Marketing Industry

  • Lack of a systems to teach about marketing fundamentals, MLM companies don’t provide good enough tools, training
  • Lack of Integrity amongst some companies and distributors
  • Lack of Training in the 21st Century Methodologies of Home Business
  • Huge leverage Income potential within 1-2 years with little to no investment or operating costs.
  • Income takes a few months to build up to. In saying this I have seen, meet and mentored, hundreds of people in MLM to reach six figure residual incomes in less than 3 months.
  • FREE mentoring and support from professional leaders and Gurus

The Internet Marketing Industry

  • Rarely are the incomes backed up and achievable for the average person who is just getting started
  • Rarely are the costs of advertising made transparent when boasting a massive income. Example, screen shoots of someone’s back end clickbank account only represents the money paid to them, not profits. Profits would be gross income – expenses (advertising being the biggest). Most Internet marketers fail to inform their prospects of the costs of those profits, sometimes they even lose money, and lots of it.
  • Constantly evolving industry so you constantly have to learn and keep on top, almost daily if you want to generate long term income.

For example I was making a 30k a month profit from an IM business I had and then Google made a slight change without any notice (Google does this almost every week or two at present) and my 30k profit went from 30k profit to 15k debt as I was off enjoying my holiday I did not realize in time to stop the advertising…

  • Hit and Miss market
  • Huge Upfront money can be made
  • Dynamic, changes daily..

The reality is you can make money in both, there is no doubt, how much really depends on one simple trait, your ability to market, yourself and your opportunity. Online MLM is part of  the future of Network marketing and Internet marketing.

And now Enters … The Ultimate Home Based Business Money System MLM + Internet Marketing (Online MLM) = BIG TIME $$$

If you are like most people who have only a small budget and not a lot of experience, or have been busting your guts out building your home based Business in an inefficient way, You will be pleased to know that at last there is an answer and that is to combine both Network marketing and Internet Marketing and you will have a well rounded, residual home based income with all the training and support needed for your success. You just need to work at it, that why they call it network marketing, not NETlazymarketing. You see in MLM successful Business owners are more than willing to share their success for free, where as in IM you must pay big bucks.

However in IM you learn how to have prospects come to you and buy from you automatically, instead of chasing friends and family to join your business. The single and most powerful business model I believe in the current economic crap storm that is unfolding is

MLM+IM-bullcrap+training = new age and Transparent Online MLM


But don’t just take my word for it, Robert Kyosaki, Donald trump, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates Riachard Branson all have voiced similar statements, some even written books about it. The world is changing rapidly and the single largest redistribution of wealth is occurring as we speak, the question is; Will you be the one getting your wealth sucked out of your bank account while you sit in your ass and do nothing, or the one backing up the dump truck ready to receive a massive transfer?

Dream it! Believe it! Achieve it!

Stake your claim in the greatest redistribution of wealth and from my simple wealth formula

MLM + Internet Marketing + Training (Online MLM) – Bullcrap = Money


If you want a no bullshit Online marketing, direct marketing, proven Online MLM system that you can plug into any MLM or Online Business and drive leads on demand and boost your profits, then head over to my fan page and Take a test drive of the exact system I have used multiple times to dominate companies. I am just about to release it to a select few for the beta testing, so act fast..

Effective Online MLM is Marketing, tracking, learning and fast tracking the relationship process, get ready to take your business to new heights without all the hype..

This article is from the hip, exposing the real truth about all the hyped up product launches, million dollar income claims, and telling you that Online MLM is the future, but make sure you don’t buy emotionally, the marketing tricks and fear of loss are effective tactics.

The other most important  aspect I want to cover is when you do buy a product about Online MLM or Internet Marketing, learn it do, and perfect it before you buy the next latest and greatest Online MLM Mastermind System. Focus your attention to mastering one aspect, and you will see success.


To Your Success,

Joel Putland

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