Home Business time?..YOUR COMPANY files for BANKRUPTCY!

Home Business, Time to Take a look?

I was reading the headlines today and I felt compelled to write this message to help stop thousands of peoples lives being destroyed overnight if they ever see the headlines or hear the news like the Saab workers did today. The news that makes your heart stop and the world around you spin. My heart and thoughts go out to anyone who has been laid off during the latest global recession, but there is hope!

The Home Business economy is booming, and there is a plan B to safe guard yourself!

Imagine reading the headlines like tens of thousands of people who work for Saab have today, wondering why, how,  and what is the world coming to… heat breaking stuff..

And the hard hitting and deep cutting question, what am I going to do? I have bills to pay, a mortgage due, and/or a family to support. If you believe that your job is safe, that your company can’t or won’t ever file for bankruptcy, then you are living in dreamland. No job is safe, and the fact is if you work for someone else as your primary source of income, you are sitting on a potential time bomb that could explode at any time.


Millions of people around the world have been left jobless, after some of the world’s largest and most successful companies have fallen with the global recession that was  triggered by the fall of wall street.  The smoke and mirrors of the USA sub prime markets revealed a secret that would change the shape of the global economy and trigger what will become one of the largest shifts of wealth we will ever see in our lifetime.


My blood boils when I think about the stupidity of the people that let the above situation get so out of hand. I don’t have enough time to get into the politics, the banks, the insurance companies, the lies, the scams and the damn right ponzi schemes. Maldoff and Allan Stanford have nothing on what the big banks have done, the only difference is that the banks were bailed out at the expense of the taxpayers…


Sorry, I get worked up every time I think about how many good peoples lives, people just like you and I, were, are, and will be effected as this financial disaster plays out around the world. The good news is you can create your own economy with a home business.  Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki knows it, Warren Buffet knows it, Mike Dillard knows it, Joel Putland knows it and you should know it too, as it could save your financial future.


Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki spell it out in black and white in their latest book, “Why We Want You to Be Rich”.  Don’t just take my word for it, almost any savvy business person or financial guru will tell you, you have to have multiple streams of income as if one fails, then the others can carry you through. If you have not read “why we want you to be rich” then do it.  It will open your eyes to the reality of the world today and how you can protect yourself.


Home Business- is it the answer to the new economy?


Right now in our current economic meltdown, this could never be so prominent. If you only have one source of income ie a JOB (Just Over Broke), you need and must diversify TODAY!  Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, TODAY!  You do not know when you may read the headlines to find your company has just declared bankruptcy.  You have the responsibility to yourself, your family and your country to prosper and not be one of the victims, but be victorious. Look into options of starting your own home busniness before it’s too late.


If you truly want to be victorious, to prosper in the current economic meltdown, and you are not afraid to work hard and smart, then I am looking to work with a few key people to work on a very lucrative project with some of the brightest minds in the Industry. I am talking current seven figure plus income earners of the home business industry.  Not gurus who claim they have done it but get rich by selling you guru products and underground systems.  Real people getting extraordinary  results with home business, following a proven system that anyone can do if they have the desire to  follow it through.


If you want to make the next 24 months the turning point of your financial future, then contact me and lets see if we can work together. I don’t make any promises, I am very selective about who I work with.   I want to ensure that they achieve their goals and realistic expectations are in place, but you never know if you don’t ask. Help me help you…


Even if you don’t qualify for my offer or even don’t want to, please do something, take responsibility for your financial future.  You truly are the creator of your own destiny. We all have it inside, we just need someone to show us the way, to care enough to fill our cup, to believe in us, to challenge us.


I thank all the amazing entrepreneurs out there who have done the impossible. who have been ridiculed by family, friends and society, only to come out on top and challenge the way we think and shape our world for the better. In the words of  Theodore Roosevelt  “Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.”

If you want to look further into a legitimate Home based Business Opportunity and have the mentor and support to start your very own Home based Business, then reach out and I can point you in the right direction. Even if you have your own Home  Business ideas I can help you create leads on demand, automate your marketing, and increase your profits.


Life is an amazing gift, don’t waste it being average, challenge yourself and don’t ever settle for the grey twilight..


To Your Success,


Joel Putland.com

Home Business Mentor and Consultant


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