Turn $20 into $100 instantly, then into MLM leads and Profit

If I could show you how to turn $20 into $100 instantly, then turn that $100 into an effective lead sucking ad campaign for MLM Leads on google, would it be worth reading this post?


MLM leads


By the way this post is not optimized in any way, its for my loyal subscribers and if your lucky enough to have stumbled on this page, it’s your lucky day!


Hi there,

I have had a few of my clients, team members and friends ask what I have been doing with Google post the epic Google slap on all Money making advertising, and also since the latest Pengiun/ Panada  updates (what next Giraffe?) effectively changing the way that  PPC and SEO is done, yet again.

The great news is, there is not much less competition as most people have been given the royal boot from Google, the trick however is  to ensure that you don’t get the boot, your IP blacklisted or your site given a big black X by the Google bots, and killing your traffic.

I could go into the details of the new analytics, and the hundred and thousands of dollars I have spent learning the new tricks and ways to harvest leads, but I have a better idea, for a limited time I am going to give you a fully optimized Ad campaign for your MLM or home business. Depending on your type of business, it may be a product focuses campaign or a business focused campaign. I charge other clients, hundreds of dollars to do this type of custom ad set up and optimization, but for a limited time and audience, I will do it for $20, and give you $100 of Advertising credit to your new Google ad’s account so you can pump out MLM Leads like its nobodies business


Here’s what I will do

1. Set up and optimize you ads with your keywords or I will do some diggin around and find the low hanging fruit for best PPC

2. Give you $100 credit for your ads

3. You get MLM leads for your MLM Business

All you have to do is pay-pal me $20, send me your website/capture page link, goals, keywords you have any, and away we go!

If you dont have a capture page, or need advice on the best way to connvert the leads, just let me know and I will sort you out with something 🙂


My only catch is that you give me a kick ass testimony, comment on my MLM blog,  MLM leads Fan page , and share the love socially!

This is for experts and newbies a like, and  even if you don’t take me up on this insane offer, share the love, tweet, like, plus , comment this post !


Have an amazing day, where ever you are around this incredible world



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