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The New Google hangout just launched today…


The Internet evolves almost by the minute, and in order to stay ahead of the game and thrive online with you business  you have to be in the know.

 google hangout

Today I want to share with you a major development in the Google platform, with the merging of google chat and google hangouts to create a simple, extremely powerful communication, collaboration and sales tool that you can use in your business or just for fun.


Google Hangouts are innovating

Like anything new, there will be bugs, clunky processes and constant change, as we have seen from today’s launch of the all new google hangout experience, they even changed the game on their google plus platform as well. The great thing about google is that they have the best programmers on the planet, they put something out there, test it, then make the changes to make it more user friendly. What that means for you is that google plus, google hangouts and google chat are evolving to be more functional for you to use. I for one am excited to try out the new features and interface, as it looks much more intuitive to the users needs and much more business friendly

Why pay for webinar software, when you can get it for free?

The days of paying for a webinar room are soon long gone, yes skype and google hangouts has still some features to add to bring them up to speed on the commercial level, but for the Small to Medium Business owner, Internet marketer, Home Business and Network marketing business onwer, it is a godsend. The reality is, you don’t need to pay for expensive or even inexpensive webinar rooms any longer if you know how to use the google hangouts technology.

The live broadcast feature from Google Hangout’s combined with the automatic posting and live stream + recorded version of the google hangout to your YouTube channel and google plus page, give google hangouts the clear SEO and cost effective advantage. Why pay to use webinar software, when you can get ti for free, and they send you FREE laser targetd traffic as well, it’s a no brainer in my opinion.

Try Google hangouts and seer for yourself how simple, easy and effective it is

The best way to see how google hangouts, google plus and google chat can enhance your online business or communications is to try it, you can have FREE video chat with up to 10 of your friends, colleagues or business partners,from right inside GMail or ipad, iPhone, laptop or desktop. You will have to download something the first time in order to use the video chat and hangout functions, but its fast and then its done and away you go. Like anything you will need to get your head around it and there will be a learning curve.


Discover How to use Google to Grow Your Business

If you would like to learn how to use Google Hangouts, Google plus, YouTube, and in fact any social media to grow your business, rather then pay thousands of dollars for hype, just take the IMGlobal 30 day Challenge, <—- click the text—  its free and we will teach you Everything you need to success online in any business, don’t have a business not a problem, we will show you a proven step by step system to earn online .


Just message me after you get started and I can share how to dominate in your business online using google hangout and everything the Internet has to offer to explode your business, no hype, no fluff,just what you want and need to succeed.




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