60 Billion lost today – How much Superannuation did you just loose?

60 billion dollars OF YOUR MONEY (superannuation) lost today in the Australian Stock Market.

It may not be 100% of the 60 billion dollars lost today on the ASX, but a large portion of YOUR MONEY, yes you are reading right-  your money!

If you have a job in Australia then you have a superannuation account, and for the majority of Australians that superannuation is 100% invested in the Australian stock exchange or the stock market. So when you read and see events like today on the news you need to understand


A) it DIRECTLY affects YOU and everyone you know (who has or has had a job ever in their life)

B) it’s too late to do anything your money is long gone


That is why you need to take responsibility for your Superannuation and Investments

The cold hard fact is that your investment advisor, financial planner or your superannuation fund don’t care as much about your money as you do.


Frankly, They still make money regardless if you make money or lose money! Thats right, how you ask?  By the fee’s that they charge for the privilege of managing YOUR money. Just ask them a simple question, what are ALL the fee’s you charge and do you receive kickbacks from any of the funds you have advised me to invest in. You will be shocked!


Have you ever been told, Don’t worry it will come back, just wait? Well if you are hearing these words, the reality is you will be waiting a very long time and it could delay your retirement years, even decades.


Don’t sit there in front of the TV watching the news and think so what, it sure would suck to be one of those rich investors, I am not an investor it doesn’t affect me- it DOES. The reality is, you are probably getting hit the hardest, as you simply do not know any better. For example You could have made a simple phone call and moved your superannuation into a money market fund and avoided the losses the AX posted on Friday of 1.4% coupled with today’s loss of  almost 4%.. thats 5% give or take.


5% in just two days, lets look at the math for a second if you have $100,000 in your super account, you just lost approx 5% which is $5,000 for every $100,000 in your super account.


It’s not your fault, there is just a complete lack of education in Australia and around the world about your personal finances and especially investments and superannuation


Our subscribers got a red signal to exit the Australian stock market in November of last year see the chart below, RED ARROW November 2014. That’s when like most our our subscribers, I liquidated all of my Australian equity funds and moved them to US equity funds, resulting in double digit growth, while the majority of Australians had double digit decline as of today. So in real terms we are talking significant gains, as a Dollar saved is a Dollar earned. Double digit gains plus double digits saved = very happy 🙂


Examine the second red arrow, November 2014, these are Actual signals from the Wealth Preserver Subscriptions



Is this the start of the decline or will the Global & Australian stock markets and your superannuation bounce back?

That is the billion dollar question, and something only our subscribers will know! Sorry I am not going to give away such powerful and valuable information, you will have to be a subscriber to get that .


How you can take control over your Superannuation and Investments

It was not so long ago that I was ignorant to the fact that I was getting robbed blind and didn’t even know it. That’s right it was only a little over a year ago when I met Mr Livio Nespoli and he exposed to me the 3 insider secrets of the global financial world. I had been a successful entrepreneur, but never seemed to have money working for me, I was always working for money. Since meeting Livio Nespoli, now I have the knowledge and power to make my money and superannuation work for me 24/7 365 days a year.


Since meeting Livio Nespoli back in 2014, I have found my purpose in life which is to educate and empower people to take financial responsibility and thus Market Masters International was born.

Market Masters International subscriptions allow anyone in any country to take control of their financial future, to preserve and maximize their wealth and retire younger and wealthier than they ever thought possible. Bold claims yes, but once you know the Three Insider Secrets, you will soon see that is easier than you think.


With the Down Jones dropping like a rock in pond Friday, we are in for one roller coaster ride over the coming weeks.

About Joel Putland

Joel Putland Market Masters International Joel Putland is the CEO and Cofounder of Market Masters International LLC, a Wyoming based company that helps its subscribers Retire Younger and Retire Wealthier than they ever thought possible through 21st century stock market trading technology and the safest and smartest strategies that have been proven to outperform up to 94% of all mutual funds, hedge funds and investment advisors over a 10 year rolling period. Market Masters International's subscriptions help you preserve and maximize your wealth through any economic climate


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