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MLM INC 500- Exposed Direct Sales Article

MLM Exposed by Inc 500 Direct Sales Article

Another shot in the arm for the Direct sales, MLM, Network Marketing, Home business Industry this week, with the prestigious INC 50o touting the Industry as ” the proven formula for exponential growth. Ask Warren Buffet…”


As the world economy evolves, there is one Industry emerging as the new age of business, profits and success for millions of Distributors across thee world, the Direct sales, Network Marketing or as some call it MLM Industry are in the leading fastest growing companies. The majority of wealth in the world is created through distribution of products and services, just ask anyone who has made it big how they did it!


Chances are that your job (if you are not successful in the MLM world and have fired your boss, like millions of others), is involved around the distribution of products or services. The network marketing Industry allows anyone, anywhere in the world the ability to profit from the sales or goods and services, without massive investment, and for the most often as a part time venture.


You can view the MLM INC 500 Small Business Magazine, Network marketing, Direct Sales article here MLM Inc 500 review


After many MLM, Direct sales and Network marketing companies have been tearing up the INC 500 list each and every year (the top 500 fastest growing privately held companies in the USA), the giants of business world are now praising the Industry. A few weeks ago the Wall Street Journal ran a 40 page report on the success of the Direct Sales Industry and its fastest growing companies, and now the Inc 500…


The lead article summary in the Inc 500:

“The stuff of Tupperware parties and Amway salesmen sure isn’t seductive. But sure as you can recognize the smell of Avon Skin-So-Soft, multi-level marketing—building a network of agents who sell, and get commission from both sales and signing on more agents—is a proven formula for exponential growth. Ask Warren Buffett, who counts Pampered Chef as one of his best-ever investments. Today, there’s a new wave of savvy entrepreneurs bringing MLM back to the mainstream.” Inc 500..

Many of the fastest growing companies on the INC 500 list today are direct sales, MLM and home business companies.

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