New years resolution tips made easy with a simple 3 Step System

New years Resolution Tips to make the new Year Your best year ever

new year resolution tips


A new year is here, and it’s off to an amazing start for all of those who have made their resolutions and are taking action towards achieving them. If you have not put aside the time to write out and stategise your 2012 resolutions and goals I highly recommend doing it now, don’t delay! If you want a better 2012 than 2011, like 99.9999% of the world, then now is the time for action.

The time clock is ticking, and 2013 will be here soon, and if you want to reach you goals, it must start today.

When is the best time to plant a tree? 25 years ago. Just like your new years resolutions, it takes time and focus to make them a reality and not just wishful thinking.Heres my simple 3 step system to help you reach your 2012 new years resolutions.

 Step 1. Write down you New years resolutions, think of some rewards and share them with someone; your partner, a family member or business partner etc

Although I am a big fan of “what ever you think about you bring about”, its not enough to reach your goals. You must write them down and give yourself rewards for reaching them. Doesn’t have to be crazy (unless your budget can handle it of course, in that case go nuts) , but make sure you give yourself progress and end goal rewards. I recommend a monthly review then have small rewards for each goal you achieve them and then a big yearly  reward when you review the year past and tick them all off your list as DONE!

To ensure your success then share your new years resolutions with someone and ask that they hold you accountable to reaching them. Accountability is the single greatest asset for helping your reach your New years resolutions and studies show it will triple your success rate. The reality is most people are lousy at keeping them selves accountable.


Step 2. Focus on the main resolution first, “focus” is the key to success in all areas of life

Ever wonder how people seem to do so much in such a small amount of time effortlessly? Well here’s the secret, focus (organized focus). You must chose your battle’s to win the war so don’t make a list of dozens of resolutions and then try and do them all at once, focus on the 1-3 biggest ones first. This will make it much more enjoyable and fun as well.

3. “Be, Do, Have”

This principle will serve you well in any endeavour, its simple, powerful and fool proof.

“BE”– visualize and feel you have already achieved your new years resolutions, how does it make you feel, this will tune your subconscious into the end goal and results, if you can’t see yourself reaching your goals, then you are destined for failure, your vision must be crystal clear.

“DO”, just thinking about reaching your goals is nice and feels warm and fuzzy, but its not going to get your there. You must ‘DO” it and take daily steps towards your goals. Each day we either get closer of further away from our goals, each day has a drastic impact on bigger picture, and compounded will enable you to move mountains and achieve your wildest dreams.

“HAVE”, to achieve your results and make sure that you have rewards for your new accomplishments, we are driven by rewards no matter how big or small, what ever you and your budget see’s fit.


If you are struggling to work out your new years resolutions, Here’s the top 10 resolutions that can give you some New Years resolution inspiration.

2. Fit in Fitness

3. Tame the Bulge

4. Quit Smoking

5. Enjoy Life More

6. Quit/Cut down Drinking

7. Get Out of Debt

8. Learn Something New

9. Help Others

10. Get Organized

From our family to yours we would like to wish you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2012 and beyond.
BE-DO-HAVE in 2012!
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